Miss Global Beauty Queen 2019

1st - 15th December 2019, Seoul, Korea

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About Miss Global Beauty Queen 2019

The Miss Global Beauty Queen fosters the ideals of personal growth and development in young women as well as promoting opportunities towards the enhancement of their potentials, talents and ideals. The vision of the organization is to uplift the position of women in the world. Women have tremendous potentialities for leadership and purposeful destinies. We afford them the opportunities for social bonding and leadership expressions.


Sangmyung Art Center, Gyedang Hall
7, Hongji-do, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea


14th, December 2019

MGBQ2019 in Korea

Representatives from around the world gather in Korea in December 2019.

Originally held in Montreal, Canada in 1988, it has a network of participants in 138 countries and is the third largest and most credible competition in the world with more than 50 participants each year.

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Miss Global Queen, held back in Korea, will greatly contribute to Korea's tradition, culture, tourism, healthcare and beauty industry, creating a momentum for the related industries to develop one step further.

Final Stage, December, 2019

Saturday, 14, December, 2019

Sangmyung Art Center

7, Hongji-do, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

December, 2019

The final stage of the MGBQ 2019 is December 14, 2019

MGBQ 2019 Final

Please look forward to the MGBQ 2019 final.

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